48 Rules of Power: A Brief Summary _ Rule 24-31


24) Play the Perfect Courtier

This rule suggests playing the role of perfect courtier as the life of the perfect courtier is all about power and political dexterity. The author suggests that the perfect courtier has mastered the indirection art along with the art of flattery and knows how to yield to superiors. Besides, he knows how to assert power over others in an utmost graceful manner.

This rule thus suggests that once you know how to play the perfect courtier there is no limit to how high you will rise in the court.

25) Re-Create yourself

This rule suggests refusing to accept and play the role that society enforces on you rather emphasizes recreating a role for yourself. It goes on to suggest that you should forge an identity for yourself that not merely commands attention but also ensures that no one gets bored. The benefit of recreating yourself according to the author is that this way you become the master of your own image rather than allowing others to define or lay it out for you.

Towards the end this suggests that you add theatrical and dramatic elements into your public persona to enhance your power and help make your character appear larger than life.

26) Keep your Hands Clean


This similar to the previous rule, which suggests guarding your reputation at all cost, emphasizes creating an image which is nothing but of the one who is treading the highest moral road. The book goes as far as to state that you should appear nothing less of a “paragon of efficiency and civility” and make sure that your hands always stay clean of any nasty deeds and mistakes. To make it happen at all cost the book recommends casting others as scapegoats and even proxy agents to carry out the dirty work for you and disguise your involvement.

27) play on People’s Needs to Believe to Create a Cult-Like Following

This stems from people need, mentality and overwhelming desire to believe in something. This rule suggests taking advantage of this need of people and becoming a focal point by means of providing them with a belief to embrace and follow.

This suggests keeping your words vague however, full of promises and emphasizing enthusiasm over clear thinking and rationality. As an important part of this it emphasizes providing your followers with certain rituals that they should perform besides asking them to make sacrifices on your behalf. The author suggests that in the absence of religion and grand causes the set of new beliefs laid out by you will be instrumental in bringing you untold powers.

28) Enter Action with Boldness

This rule suggests not embarking on a course of action unless and until you are totally sure of it as the hesitation and doubt in your mind are sure to infect the execution of your actions and the resulting timidity is dangerous. Therefore, enter with boldness and know that any mistakes you end up committing through audacity can be easily corrected through more audacity.

Remember that while no one honors the timid everyone admires the bold.

29) Plan all the Way to the End

This rule suggests that you should plan all the way to the end and never ignore envisioning the end of your efforts. While you plan all the way to the end do not forget to take into account all possible obstacles and consequences along with the twists of fortune that may end up reversing all your hard work and thus imparting the glory to others.

While you are planning the inherent risk, that fate may change, is always there and may also allow as reliable gauge when to cease your journey.

30) Make your Accomplishments Seem Effortless

Make sure you make your accomplishments seem effortless by concealing all the hard work, planning, practice and even tricks that has rendered it possible. Avoid the temptation of revealing how you drained your energies for making it possible. If you teach anyone tricks these may well be used against you. Therefore, make them look natural and is if they were executed with utmost ease.

31) Control the Options

This suggests that the best deceptions are those which apparently deceive the other person into thinking as if he is being given a choice. This gives your victim an impression that they are in control but in reality they are nothing but puppets. Therefore, give people options that are all in your favor irrelevant of the ones they opt for. However, force them to make choices between the two which may be deemed the lesser of the two evils and serves your purpose better.


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