48 Rules of Power: A Brief Summary _Rule 12-23


12) Use Selective Honesty and Generosity to Disarm your Victim

Well this rule is a peculiar one and suggests that you should resort to selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victim. This goes on to suggest that a single sincere and generous gesture go onto mask several ones. Even the most alert and dubious ones are likely to give in face of generosity and honesty which allows you to open a hole in their armor and then manipulate and deceive them at your will.

13) When Asking for Help, Appeal to People’s Self-Interest, Never to their Mercy or Gratitude

When in need of help do not resort to appealing to people mercy, gratitude in other words don’t put it out in a manner that they owe you something, appeal to their compassion or suggest that you need help. Rather, put it in a manner that the proposal looks beneficial to both of you.

Take care to emphasize how it will benefit them and if necessary do not refrain from exaggerating what it holds for them. Once they begin to see what it holds for them they are more than likely to respond in the desired and favorable manner.

14) Pose as a Friend, Work as a Spy

Do you still believe in the old technique of hiring spies? However, this rule goes onto suggest that hiring a spy to do the job may not be as beneficial as doing the job yourself. The social encounters and gatherings offer you the perfect opportunity to do the trick. While keeping your conversation polite indirectly yet artfully probe your rivals so they may reveal their intentions, plans and even weaknesses.

15) Crush your Enemy Totally

This suggests that your victory depends on the total destruction of your enemy. Therefore, crush your enemy totally and show no mercy especially in the event they are formidable. Make sure you do not allow your enemy any possibility to recover or your enemy will use it to get back to you.

This law suggests that stopping halfway will cause more loss than total crushing of your enemy as the enemy will use it as an opportunity to recover and get back to you. Therefore, crush the enemy not only in the body but also in spirit.

16) Use Absence to Increase Respect and Honor

This rule suggests that absence can help increase your demand, respect and honor. Therefore, use absence to increase your demand. Even a temporary absence can help divert the attention to you and thus keep you in focus.

17) Keep Others in Suspended Terror

This rule suggests that humans are creature of their habits and are driven by their need and urge to see familiarity. However, the rule goes on to suggest that this familiarity breeds predictability which in turn leads to relinquishment of control.

Therefore, if you wish to be in control and in power make sure that your behavior is unpredictable so no body may have a clue of your intentions, your actions and your moves. This way your opponents will consume their energy in predicting your next move and your direction.

18) Do not build Fortress to protect yourself

Remember that isolation is dangerous. Though fortress may seem like the safest place to be little do we realize that isolation make us vulnerable to more dangers than this actually protects us from?

So what exact dangers does isolation entail? To elaborate, it renders you an easy target, cuts you from important and valuable information along with making you conspicuous. Being crowded and surrounded by people shields you from enemy along with providing you the opportunity to meet new allies.

19) Know who you are dealing With: Do not offend the Wrong Person

This suggests that you need to be very careful and practice caution when choosing opponents and victims as different people will react in different ways to your strategies. You end up offending the wrong person and they will spend the rest of their lives seeking their revenge. Therefore, be very careful whom to battle with and whom to take advantage of.

20) Do not commit to anyone

Fool rushes to take sides while the wise refrains from taking sides. Besides, never commit to any side or cause except that of your own.

The first step towards mastering others is to remain independent yourself. It goes on to suggest playing people against one another making them pursue you.

21) Play a Sucker to Catch a Sucker-Play Dumber than you Mark

This suggests that you should lead your adversaries and victims to believe that they are smarter and intelligent than you as it will prevent them from suspecting or considering that you have a hidden agenda.

22) Use Surrender Tactic

This suggests that instead of fighting for mere sake of honor is definitely not the path to take when you feel that you cannot fight your enemy. It rather suggests that you surrender and take the opportunity to recuperate while using it to harass and torment your enemy as a tool to decrease his power.

This goes on to suggest that you should not provide your enemy the satisfaction of fighting and defeating you rather it recommends that you surrender and use this time to recuperate while unsettling and infuriating your enemy.

23) Concentrate your Forces

This suggests that you should store up your energy and resources by keeping them focused at their most productive and strongest areas. In a nut shell this emphasizes that intensity would go onto defeat extensity each and every time.

It elaborates that you will benefit more from finding a rich mine and mining it deeper than flitting from one shallow mine to another shallow mine.


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