3 Bahadur-2 The Revenge of Baba Balaam


3 Bahadur is a Pakistani franchise movie which features 3D animations. While the first installment was released in the year 2015, the second has been released in the year 2016. 3 Bahadur revolves around the story of 3 friends and follows their adventures.

Revolutionary Step for Pakistani Children

The makers of 3 Bahadur suggested that Pakistani children had no cartoon characters which they could identify with. Therefore, there was a dire need of a movie which could provide Pakistani children with characters they could own and relate to.

After the first installment of the movie received overwhelming response from the public, the makers announced that they will release the second installment soon as well. Therefore, the second installment was released in December, 2016.

Therefore, if you also have kids we suggest that you take them to watch this movie. It is time that we as Pakistanis expose our kids to our culture as Muslims and Pakistanis in order to prevent their mind from being polluted by foreign culture.


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